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Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

It’s important to Me because It’s important to You!

You will find more technically proficient photographers than I, but no one will put more of themselves into your project. I am available to provide photographic and graphic design services for small business owners and fine-art digital photography for interior designers. I also offer fine-art photographic & print services for families. My goal is to help you create a custom art piece for your home or help someone promote and grow their business.

Rates for Services

Outcome based-quotes I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. My quotes are deliverable and outcome-based. This means the quoted price is for results, not time or quantity, and the quoted price is what you pay.* For example, a quote of $200 for processing 20 photos doesn’t mean that I process photos for $10 apiece, nor does it reflect the time to complete the project.

Taking the time to deliver what you want The reasons I don’t have fixed project rates are two-fold. First of all, my number one priority is delivering the very best product I can to you. It takes time, attention, and flexibility to achieve those results and I don’t want to be distracted watching the clock. Your project will be delivered on time; I just won’t be counting hours along the way.

Always learning The other reason I rarely do time-based estimates is that photography is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and there are many rabbit trails. I’m constantly learning about new tips and techniques, or an idea might strike me while I’m working on your project that I have to naturally have to try. In turn, this means I may be investing quite a bit more time than may normally be required on your project but I’m not having you pay for my experimentations (but you will benefit from it). That said, most photo shoots will translate to between $100-250/shoot-hour plus prints. The package may or may not include digital downloads.

Why are professional photographers so expensive? It’s just one hour! The pricing, of course, reflects our expertise, our personal investment in skills development, gear (cameras and computers), and other business expenses. All that aside, please keep in mind that the pricing also reflects what goes on behind the scenes. Just an hour on-site can generate four to six hours of effort! Any professional photographer worth their salt isn’t going to just show up and start shooting. Well, at least none I know, anyway. Prep time may include learning or honing a technique, acquiring the appropriate gear if we don’t have it, a site visit, and quite possibly a test session. Personally, I love being able to have a test session whenever possible and practical. It doesn’t have to be at the actual shoot location, but it gives us a chance to get to know each other so things go smoother the day of the shoot.

As far as post-production, a general rule of thumb is that we can figure on 2-3 hours of processing for each hour we shoot. This, of course, will vary depending on the scope and deliverable and can take several hours, if not days.

OK, so what’s it going to cost?

Let’s talk about your vision and we can develop an affordable solution to meet your needs. The fees for a typical one-day photography/video project run between $300-500 depending on time, distance, and complexity. Print products and artwork from the session range from $100 to several thousand dollars depending on size and scope and typically include a digital image to share on social media. Click or call (716) 646-8298.

* A 25% non-refundable deposit is required upfront with the balance payable upon delivery.