Offical Track Photographer of Buffalo Raceway

“Community of Hope”

This stunning panoramic image of the city of Buffalo is sure to be a conversation starter! Taken from near the toboggan runs at Chestnut Ridge, you see historic city buildings, sports venues, and the mist from the mighty Niagara, 30 miles distant. What will you find? Available in several sizes and formats, this will look great in your den or office!

When you’re in the city, in the day to day, you loose sight of what the region on the whole represents. This image lets you step out of the tapestry and be taken on a journey through time to the early days of the region. As you begin to recognize the buildings and businesses, some of which are over 150 years old, you can see how the Niagara Frontier has continuely evolved. Each landmark represents the hopes and dreams of a community. And it will continue to change. This image was taken in August 2022. Within the next few years the skyline will change as the new stadium is completed, so it will be a very different view.

close-up snippet

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